PRESIDENT Cyril Ramaphosa reckons that economic sabotage is partly to blame for Eskom’s recent level-six load shedding; eerily reminiscent of Alec Erwin’s loose bolt at Koeberg in 2006. How, then, would Ramaphosa describe the systematic destruction of Cape Town’s trains, the hijacking and torching of trucks on national roads, endemic cable and water meter theft, and multiple other forms of looting?          

He is seemingly oblivious to the irony that his own party is the nation’s main economic saboteur. The ANC is riddled with corruption and racketeering, and pursues a policy of privileging race and political allegiance above competence and commitment. Almost every government institution has been undermined and demoralised by years of such sabotage, a consequence of ANC political culture. A state of shambles threatens the future well-being and security of every citizen.

South Africa had at the last count at least nine separate intelligence agencies. It strains credulity, and the definition of incompetence, to accept that not one appears to have a handle on who is responsible for what amounts to widespread economic treason. Or is it possible that the culprits are just too close the centre of power for comfort?

Weekend Witness 14 December 2019