• The absent nation

    IT’S a regular feature of a South African February: SONA, the State of the Nation address. This year’s Covid-19-flavoured edition was an improvement in some ways:  no corpulent people dressed in red boiler suits disrupting […]

  • Slabbert: Man on a Mission

    Albert Grundlingh, Slabbert: Man on a Mission (Johannesburg: Jonathan Ball, 2021) AN INDEPENDENT thinker and individualist, a believer in the persuasive power of rational thought and logical argument, and possessed of missionary tendencies: Frederik van […]

  • The Lie of 1652: A Decolonised History of Land

    Patric Tariq Mellet, The Lie of 1652: A Decolonised History of Land (Cape Town: Tafelberg, 2020) PATRIC Mellet has multi-ethnic roots and a family history disrupted by apartheid’s Population Registration Act. This book involves a […]

  • Zuma, Sobukwe and the perversion of South African history

    FOR many years Jacob Zuma, faced by allegations of corruption around the arms deal of the late 1990s and his later association with the Gupta family, demanded his day in court. Yet this was a […]